Whether you are stocking up ahead of an upcoming holiday or you have some leftover fireworks from your last show, you might wonder how best to store them. Fireworks are, by nature, both explosive and susceptible to water damage, so it only makes sense to pay attention to how they are stored. To keep your fireworks in top condition and reduce the risk of injury or property damage, here are some simple tips on safe storage of unused fireworks.

Choosing Your Location

Moisture is the number one enemy of fireworks, and trying to light damp fireworks can be dangerous. Likewise, any source of ignition could spell disaster. Choose a cool, low-humidity storage space that is far away from water sources, heaters, propane tanks, exposed wires, and other hazards. When you retrieve your fireworks, even if they feel dry, look for signs of water damage such as bleeding dye or unusual crinkles. Soak damaged fireworks thoroughly and then discard them.

Selecting the Best Container

Cardboard boxes are easy and readily accessible, but should never be used for fireworks storage. Cardboard will soak up water, and it will add fuel to the fire if any of the fireworks accidentally ignites. The best storage container is made of strong metal, though a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid is also acceptable. Carefully pack the fireworks in layers, taking care not to crush the lower layers.

Securing Your Storage Site

No matter how carefully you store your fireworks, they are not safe if kids or pets can get to them. A locking container is best, but it is also acceptable to store them in a non-locking container inside a locked closet, drawer, or room. Also consider keeping a fire extinguisher close to your designated storage area.

There is nothing wrong with keeping leftover fireworks or stocking up ahead of a big event. However, it is vital to remember that fireworks are, by definition, explosive. Take the time to carefully store them in a strong container, away from ignition sources and water intrusion, and to lock them away. Following these simple precautions will keep you and your family safe and ensure that when your next fireworks show comes around, you will have the effects you want.

Ready to Get Started?

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