FAQ’s about Buying Fireworks in Indiana

On this page, we are going to answer the most common fireworks questions that come in via our Website. This way, we can share the answers to these most common fireworks-related questions in order to best help our customers as well as the public and press! If you have a fireworks question you’d like to see answered, send it our way if you do not already see it answered here or within the Dynamite Fireworks website. Thank you for your curiosity about Fireworks, Fireworks Laws, Fireworks Safety and Dynamite Fireworks!

Q. How old do you have to be to buy fireworks in Indiana?

A. You must be 18 years old to purchase fireworks in Indiana.

Q. What is the best place to buy fireworks in Indiana?

A. Many of the Yahoo and Ask sites have been manipulated by fireworks store employees and owners to showcase their stores. We believe this is unfair and disingenuous for many obvious reasons. A better way to measure the question of “best fireworks store” is to judge the returning customers and length of time in business. Dynamite Fireworks, previously known as Uncle Sam Fireworks, has been in business for over 40 years and our returning customer base has grown EVERY YEAR. In addition, we are the favorite fireworks store for all the 1.3G professional fireworks shooters – because of our expertise and selection of novelty and hard-to-find high quality fireworks items. Check for yourself, as we are very conveniently located at the bottom of the I-90 ramp off the Skyway. In other words, check for yourself for which store is truly the best fireworks store in Indiana…and don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

Q. Do you sell fireworks online? Will you ship fireworks to my house?

A. Dynamite Fireworks does sell fireworks online via our limited Online Fireworks Catalog. However, this is for pick-up only…as shipping regulations are strict and shipping cost is significant.

Q. Do you offer any fireworks coupons or special deals?

A. Absolutely! We offer daily discounts and specials along with the best prices on the best quality fireworks. Compare the brands and prices on our Online Catalog to ANY of our competition and/or come see for yourselves! Try our Fireworks Coupons and Discounts webpage for downloadable coupons, or simply show them on your smartphone upon check-out.

Q. Do you offer fireworks gift certificates?

A. YES, we are proud to offer fireworks gift certificates through our YELP relationship. Please see our Fireworks Coupons and Discounts page for the link to obtain fireworks gift certificates.

Q. Do you offer Wholesale and Retail pricing options?

A. YES, we offer Retail pricing on our nearly 1000 fireworks products. And, YES, we offer Wholesale Pricing for bulk and case fireworks orders. Wholesale Case pricing will normally save 20-30% depending on item and availability. Note that IF you can see us by early June, it is much easier for us to assist and fill Wholesale Orders – because we are extremely busy on the retail side between Mid June through the 4th of July due to our Dynamite Reputation on Quality and Pricing!

Q. Do you have recommendations for any of the professional fireworks shows in IN, IL or MI?

A. See our Fireworks 101 Page for links to most of Professional Fireworks Shows put on around the Midwest year round.

Q. Is your fireworks store open year round? What are your hours?

A. Yes, Dynamite Fireworks Store is open year round. From mid May thru July 10th, we are normally open from 9AM – 9PM with longer hours the 2 weeks prior to the 4th of July. In the offseason, we have limited hours on the weekdays and are open most weekends. It is always best to call ahead for hours: 219-937-4090.

Q. Do you sell M-80s or Cherry Bombs?

A. No… M-80’s and Cherry Bombs are not fireworks; they are illegal explosive devices and have been Federally banned since the 1960’s. See our Firecrackers Page for more info.

Q. What fireworks are legal to buy, sell, and discharge in Indiana?

A. Following the change in the state laws for fireworks in 2006, all Section 8(a) (i.e. sparklers, ground spinners, cone fountains, wheels, cylindrical fountains) and consumer fireworks (i.e. bottle rockets, roman candles, and fire crackers) are legal to buy, sell and discharge in the Indiana.

Q. What fireworks are legal to buy, sell or discharge in Illinois?

A. The Pyrotechnic Use Act (“PUA”) in Illinois bans the sale, possession, and use of all “consumer fireworks.” Those are the fireworks that you can buy legally in some states like firecrackers, bottle rockets, and roman candles, aerial shells, etc. The PUA specifically says that certain items are not consumer fireworks and are therefore legal. Besides sparklers and certain small cap guns, the list of what’s legal includes snake or glow worm pellets, smoke devices, trick noisemakers known as “party poppers,” “booby traps,” “snappers,” “trick matches,” “cigarette loads,” and “auto burglar alarms.”

Q. Do you offer “buy one get one free” on fireworks?

A. No. However, our prices are half (or less) of the stores that use those gimmicks. For example a local BOGO store sells a brick of their Thunder Bomb firecrackers for $19.95, while ours are $7.95. Meaning you could buy 2 and a half of ours for their BOGO price! Plus we will always throw in additional items — and we offer plenty of coupons, discounts and deals every day of the year via our website, newspapers, partner websites and even television ads! Come see for yourself who has the best deals on fireworks in Indiana!

Q. What forms of payment are accepted at your store?

A. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Cash. Checks are no longer accepted.

Q. How safe are fireworks?

A. Please see the Fireworks Safety Video for some excellent points and tips on the safe handling of fireworks. In addition, please see our recent Indy With Kids guest blog post on Fireworks Safety

Q. Will fireworks be safe in my trunk especially when it’s hot outside?

A. Quality and legal consumer fireworks are tested in ovens at high temperatures via a test referred to as the thermal stability test. They should only ignite if a flame comes in contact with their fuse. ALWAYS purchase only name brand fireworks if you’d like to reduce your risk of safety incidents!

Q. Where can I store my fireworks if I don’t use them all at once? And how long will they last if stored?

A. Fireworks should be stored in a cool, dry area. If you do that, we have seen fireworks last for as long as 10 years or more!

Q. Should I hold roman candles in my hand?

A. No. Roman candles are not meant to be handheld. It is recommended that they be placed in the ground.

Q. Should I let kids play with fireworks?

A. No! Fireworks should only be used by responsible adults. See our Safety Video for more information.

Q. Do you allow press within your store?

A. We have been featured in countless newspaper and TV stories throughout the years. We welcome the press at any time…but would request a call-ahead so that we can notify our VIP customers who always enjoy watching the added activity! In addition, we request that the press should always direct any requests or questions to the on-duty manager please.

Q. What is the UN Classification for consumer fireworks?

A. Consumer Fireworks are officially referred to as UN0336 1.4G consumer fireworks.

Q. Can you recommend any specific websites that we should view for information related to fireworks safety?

A. Yes, please see the National Council on Fireworks Safety: www.fireworksafety.com

Q. What are the different classifications of fireworks?

A. Please see our Fireworks 101 Page for more info on Display vs Consumer fireworks.

Q. Any suggestions on how to take to those cool “sparkler photos” we have seen on the web?

A. Yes, see our Blog Page for direction on how to create “Sparkler Art”.

Q. What are the differences between Class B and Class C fireworks?

See our Fireworks 101 Page for a detailed explanation. However, these are OLD terms. The new classification is 1.4G and 1.3G fireworks where 1.4G represent Consumer Fireworks and 1.3G represent Display/Professional fireworks.

Q. Do you carry Excalibur Shells by World Class Fireworks?

A. YES! We not only carry the 24-ball Excalibur shells, but we carry the PREMIUM version…which is the version with the reinforced PVC tube AND additional half inch PVC collar around the base – which is necessary due to the strength of this shell! Excalibur shells are certainly best of the best…so don’t be fooled by the non-premium version that some stores try to pass off! If you are looking for 24-ball comparables to Excalibur, we also carry Diablo by Black Cat Fireworks, Nuclear 24 by BIG Fireworks and Sweet 16 by Showtime Fireworks.

Q. How much are taxes on fireworks in Indiana?

A. The state of Indiana requires the normal 7 percent sales tax on all retail fireworks sales. In addition, since 2006, when Indiana legalized all 1.4G fireworks, a 5 percent Fireworks Public Safety Fee is also added to every retail fireworks order. If your purchases are WHOLESALE BY THE FULL CASE, and you can furnish your Federal Tax Identification paperwork, we can waive the taxes.

Q. Where can I find a listing of all your Online Reviews and testimonials in order to check word of mouth feedback from real customers?

A. Great question! There are a number of sites that host Customer Reviews these days. We are extremely proud to have had OVER 200 REAL CUSTOMERS OFFER THEIR AWESOME FEEDBACK via Yelp and Google Plus Reviews amongst others. We mention that these are REAL REVIEWS by REAL PEOPLE because, unfortunately, there is an enormous and lucrative black market for FAKE REVIEWS that many online businesses have lowered themselves to in recent years. This is not fair to ANYONE to say the least and we are one thousand percent against it. Our Reviews are REAL – as you can see by the occasional less than perfect entry. We take great pride in the reputation we have built over 40 plus years in the fireworks industry under our prior names of Action Fireworks (1974-1991) and Uncle Sam Fireworks (1991-2013). Bottom line is that at Dynamite Fireworks we work very hard every day, and with every customer, to offer a TERRIFIC customer experience!

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