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The SPARKLER is a long-time traditional firework favorite that dates back to the year 670! It is widely believed to have been invented by the Greeks to be used as a weapon (known as Greek Fire) against enemy ships. Sparklers burn over a longer period of time (up to a minute depending on size) and they produce a brilliant shower of sparks. Sparklers have sometimes been called “snowballs” in reference to the ball of sparks that surrounds the burning section. On the safety front, note that sparklers can burn at nearly 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and therefore always require some level of caution and supervision.

Dynamite Fireworks offers 30 related sparkler selections from the best brands in the fireworks industry such as Black Cat, World Class, BIG and Showtime Fireworks. With the widest selection in styles, colors and sizes, we are your sparkler experts and one-stop shop for any related needs (including flares and punks). For larger quantity needs for such events as weddings or holidays and festivals like Independence Day, Diwali, and Guy Fawkes Night, we are happy to offer wholesale case pricing.

Impress and wow your neighbors and friends with these sparklers and related novelties offered at Dynamite Fireworks in Northwest Indiana:

Wire Stick Sparklers: From gold and color 8 inch, 10 inch, 19 inch and 36 inch traditional WIRE stick sparklers, we have
you covered!

Wood Stick Sparklers: With the safer WOOD stick version, called the Bamboo Sparkler or Morning Glory, we carry sizes from 10 inch to 36 inch!

Birthday Candle Sparklers: We carry the Birthday Candle style that rotates, unfolds, and sings! This is meant for the top of a cake…although care should always be practiced when using indoors!

Champagne Bottle Sparklers: We also carry the Champagne Bottle Candle / Sparkler you will more often see at New Years Parties atop Champagne Bottles! Note that we also carry the bottle attachment if required.

Bullseye Sparklers: In recent years, offshoots of the sparkler have spread into such funky shapes such as the Bullseye Sparkler!

Sparkler Novelties: In recent years, we have begun carrying the newest innovations such as the brilliant Neon Color Black Cat and World Class Whistling Sparklers!

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