Fireworks 101: What You Need to Know


Answers to the most common questions related to fireworks and fireworks safety are addressed on this page. From the benefits of quality name brand fireworks, to questions related to fireworks colors and effects, to the difference between Consumer and Display Fireworks, we will give you some dynamite tips and answers here.

In addition, we will provide our favorite industry links in order to enhance your overall Dynamite Fireworks experience – for both the fireworks novice to the experienced pyro!

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Industry Links: To enhance your fireworks knowledge and safety, we highly recommend these fireworks organizations where we are active members… American Pyrotechnics AssociationNational Fireworks Association, Pyrotechnics Guild International, Indiana Fireworks Users Association, and Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild. Please visit these sites for some very informative information on all things related to fireworks, pyrotechnics and safety.

Professional Fireworks Shows: If you enjoy watching the professional fireworks shows, we are happy to provide you these suggested links to find the nearest firework shows in INDIANA, ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, and WISCONSIN.

Consumer Fireworks vs. Display Fireworks

Fireworks in the USA are classified as either Consumer Fireworks or Display Fireworks. Consumer fireworks are, depending on local and state laws, fireworks stores like Dynamite Fireworks can sell to the general public. Display Fireworks, on the other hand, are those items that you will see fired at the Professional/Municipal Shows and Sporting Events…as these fireworks require an ATFE permit.

Now, you will hear the more experienced  fireworks users refer to these two classes of fireworks by their US Explosives Class. Either 1.4G [Consumer Fireworks] or 1.3G [Display Fireworks]. In addition, you may hear some older-school fireworks enthusiasts use the  classification of “Class C” or “Class B” fireworks. But let it be known that these are no longer official terms as Class C is now known as 1.4G or Consumer Fireworks and Class B is now known as 1.3G or Display Fireworks.

In conclusion…Consumer Fireworks = 1.4G = Class C Fireworks. And, Display Fireworks = 1.3G = Class B Fireworks.

Understanding Fireworks Effects and Colors

The colors you see in fireworks are each formed from different chemical elements and compounds. Blue [Copper], Red [Strontium or Lithium], Green [Barium], Yellow/Gold [Sodium], White [Aluminum or Magnesium], Silver [Titanium] and Glitter [Antimony]. For a better understanding of fireworks effects, see the attached poster from Great Grizzly Fireworks that explains the different fireworks effects from “Brocade” to “Willow”!

Importance of Fireworks Quality

Like anything else, good quality via a good fireworks brand means a bigger, better, longer, safer and more cost effective fireworks display. Many independent studies have been chartered by the major fireworks brands like Black Cat over the years with eye-opening results showing exactly what you get with the lesser-known fireworks brands. Know the Best Fireworks to Buy.

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