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A Roman candle firework is a single-tube firework device constructed of alternating layers of a black powder lift charge, pyrotechnic stars, and a delay charge. The bottom of the tube, is plugged with a clay bulkhead. Roman candles burn slowly because of the delay charge. Once the topmost star ignites, the burning accelerates, igniting the lift charge. As the star is propelled out of the tube, the delay powder is also ignited, which restarts the whole process.

A Roman Candle is a traditional type of firework that launches one or more stars or exploding shells. Roman candles come in a variety of sizes between ¼ inch and 3 inches (professional license required) and they eject one or more stars or exploding shells. The burst could be colorful comets with various effects, single comets, individual or multiple firework stars, or small aerial star shells. Roman candles come with a wide range of pyrotechnic effects that offer variety in color, noise and special effects. In other words, there are no definite results once Roman candles are ignited. You can find Roman candles with effects such as crackles, tails, changing colors and more. It is common for Roman candles to be outfitted with 10 stars (shots) per firework although there are some candles that offer other quantities. Depending on your need, you can purchase Roman candles individually, in
assortments, in packs or even by the case.

The larger Roman Candle fireworks will typically have more lift charge added to their top layers. This increases the acceleration and altitude of the stars. Dynamite Fireworks offers over 10 brands of Roman Candles and our selection includes over 25 different options ranging in size to number of shots. Our smallest candles will shoot five balls while our largest will shoot as many as 220 balls!

It is interesting to note that while we use Roman candles for celebrations today, they received their name from an awful and morbid time in history. Historians report that the Roman emperor, Nero, who ruled from 54 to 68 C.E, persecuted Christians by tying them to the poles in his elaborate garden. And, when they would not recant their belief in Jesus Christ, they would be drenched with flammable oils and then lit on fire for his personal amusement as well of that of the visiting guests and gawkers.

Although roman candles specifically mention they should never be shot by hand, many choose to NOT follow that guideline! Not only are you risking human error by holding them in your hand, there could also be a manufacturing problem or other damage that causes the Roman candle to misfire. If the stars get compressed inside the tube because the stick is bent, they may blow out through the side of the tube. This is why you should always use a special tube to hold your Roman candles or stick them into ground and secure with sand and / or rocks. We recommend all safety guidelines be followed especially with the larger and most powerful candles. Many of our candles like the Black Cat Gatlin, because of their strength, come with their own holders — and for those that do not, we offer PVC tubing for sale that can serve as a holder and extra measure of safety.


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