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Party Poppers and other Confetti generating fireworks emit a loud popping noise before launching a varying amount and variety of color streamers, depending on the fireworks brand and item size. Dynamite Fireworks carries 5 of the very best brands of confetti and party popper devices including BIG, Showtime, Black Cat, World Class and TNT and we offer wholesale case options for those seeking larger volume for larger parties and events. The cool thing about ALL of these devices is that NONE of them require any sort of flame ignition to set them off, as they will all fire either with a twisting action or a pull-string.

Party Poppers: Sold Individually OR as 6-packs OR in boxes of 72, these are the traditional streamer launching party poppers you have grown up with.

Party Popper Guns: These are single-use party poppers set in the shape of a cardboard gun with trigger mechanism to add a twist to the old-time party popper firework! Sold individually or in a box of 36.

Confetti Cannons: These single-shot cannons are sold individually or by the box and come in the 12 inch, 24 inch and 36 inch size depending on the volume of confetti you’d like to launch!

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Take I-90 to Calumet Ave and we're the closest Fireworks Store to Chicago located on the Indiana Illinois state line (Click here for Directions). We are open year round and offer wholesale and retail fireworks to the public with a BEST PRICES GUARANTEE. Because we carry over 1000 products from the best brands in the industry, we have built the reputation of being the premiere Specialty Fireworks store in the Midwest. With our quality selection, we carry all the old-time favorites along with the hard to find pyro items. And to top it off, our prices are Guaranteed to be the best you will find!

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