Setting off a beautiful firework display can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate Independence Day, New Year’s Eve, or a special event. Under the right circumstances and with proper care, fireworks are relatively safe to use. However, some people use fireworks in conditions and ways that are unsafe, increasing their risk of injury. Avoid these four things to stay safe around fireworks.

Use Fireworks Under the Influence

You should never use fireworks while under the influence of anything, including alcohol, drugs, or sleep deprivation. Using fireworks requires your full attention, especially in the event that something misfires or needs immediate intervention. When fireworks accidents happen, there is a good chance that the person using the fireworks was under the influence of something that distracted them or made it difficult to make safe decisions about using fireworks.

Many Fourth of July and New Year’s parties serve alcoholic beverages. Make sure that the person who will set off the fireworks doesn’t participate in the drinking to ensure the safest possible fireworks experience. Think about this person as the “designated driver” for your fireworks display. They can always partake in alcohol after using the fireworks.

Set Off Fireworks on a Windy Day

A windy day can turn an otherwise fun fireworks display into a fire hazard. If it is unexpectedly windy on the night you planned to set off fireworks, reconsider using the fireworks on a different day. Wind can blow lit fireworks on a path that you didn’t want them to go. For instance, if you plan to set off fireworks in a cul-de-sac on a very windy day, a firework could end up damaging a nearby home if the wind blew it that way.

Light Fireworks Close to Your Body

You should never light fireworks close to your body. This includes smaller fireworks or poppers that you throw on the ground. Be careful to read the instructions of any firework you set off to learn how to properly discharge it. Sometimes people set off fireworks and it doesn’t seem to work, so they’ll inspect the firework and it ends up going off. It only appeared not to work because there was a several second delay they could have learned about by reading the package. This is how people get injured while setting off fireworks.

Surprise Someone With Fireworks

It’s okay to surprise someone with a professional firework display as you propose to them or take them on a romantic date, as long as you have someone else set off the fireworks. However, trying to surprise someone with the loud noise of a popper or by setting off the fireworks yourself can be dangerous. Find other ways to surprise people.

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