Proposing, whether for prom or marriage, can be a big deal. That is why people put a lot of time and effort into it to make sure that it goes perfectly. While there are many ways to propose, the common element is excitement. Nothing adds excitement to an event like fireworks. Here is how you can light up your wedding proposal or promposal with fireworks.  

The Right Place at the Right Time

One of the most important parts to making your proposal better with fireworks is to do it in the right place at the right time. Pick a time that is close to sundown but not entirely dark and a place with open coverage and minimal fire hazards. That way, the lighting and the space are right for a fireworks display. You’ll get the best visual display and you won’t have to worry about many of the safety concerns with fireworks, so you can both enjoy the moment.

Accented Moments

When adding fireworks to your proposal, aim to accent the pivotal moments. For example, you can use fireworks that generate light but not noise to draw her attention to a display. Another good example is to have a firework that generates a small sound accent her response. When used properly, you can add a little extra excitement to the moment and make it more memorable.

Lights Over Big Bangs

When choosing your fireworks, focus on lights over big bangs. Unless you are in a large open space far from other people and you have experienced crew members working with you for the proposal, big bang fireworks may not be the best fit. However, everyone can make a memorable with light-generating fireworks like sparklers and Roman candles. If you prefer something non-burning to use, party poppers are a good choice as well. You can make a much bigger impact with a good visual firework then with large and loud fireworks.

Less is More

When you develop your proposal plan with fireworks in mind, remember that less is more. You’ll be nervous and so will anyone that you have helping you. That means that there is a chance that mistakes could happen, and it is safer and better for your proposal if there are fewer fireworks that could be used incorrectly. Plus, your proposal is more about what you say and how you say it. The fireworks just add extra excitement rather than being the focus of the proposal. Choose fireworks that have the most impact and use them sparingly so that everything goes as planned.

Attend Big Fireworks Shows

If you want a big finish to your proposal, then plan it around a large fireworks show in your area. These shows are planned and run by companies with years of training and experience. They can perform a show that is far larger than what you can do safely. Fortunately, it is easy to use their shows as a proposal. You can go to the show or find a place where you can be alone and see it. If you time it right, the fireworks will start right after you get the answer.r that you wanted. It could be the big magical ending to the night that you are looking for.

Ready to Get Started?

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