Fireworks – these spectacular treats for the eyes and the ears transform an event or special occasion into a full-on extravaganza. They’re a mainstay of Walt Disney World, major league baseball games and, of course, New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July. Yet you may be surprised to learn that, according to the American Pyrotechnics Association, the vast majority of fireworks are purchased not for elaborate commercial fireworks displays, but for small-scale consumer use.

If you’re a relative fireworks novice, you may assume that fireworks more sophisticated than sparklers and Black Cats will break the bank. Wrong! Actually, if you do your research and plan your display strategically, you can pull off an impressive DIY fireworks show for less than $300! That’s a small price to pay to put on a show your entire neighborhood will enjoy. And consider the even more spectacular show you could create by teaming up with your neighbors! If you want to delight your family, friends, and neighbors with a memorable event, first you’ve got to learn about what you’ll be shopping for.

Pick Your Powder

Roman candles, peonies, brocades, palm trees … before you can plan a display that delivers the maximum bang for your bucks, you’ve got to familiarize yourself with your firepower options! These explosive tubes are more complex than most people realize. A firework is part art and part science. (You could technically say it’s rocket science!)

  • Peonies. These fireworks explode to create a crackly, sparkly, globe-shaped display that looks like tiny diamonds raining down. There are no tails or trails, just dazzling brilliance. Make sure to include plenty of peonies in your plan, because they’re crowd favorites.
  • Chrysanthemums. These are similar to peonies, but they include an assortment of brighter, star-like lights that slowly fade and leave subtle trails as they evaporate against the night sky.
  • Palm Trees. Aptly named because they appear as a trunk followed by fanned-out palm frond-looking trails, these are popular options to include in a fireworks show grand finale.
  • Willow. This is another firework that is aptly named because it resembles its namesake tree (the weeping willow). A burst of bright stars is launched against the darkness, but then slowly fades earthward in the form of cascading smoke that resembles the lanky, fragile branches of the willow tree.
  • Pearls. These orb-shaped fireworks result in rapid fire bursts of color that shoot bright and high but fade out quickly. Consider them the background singers who support the headliner act. They are must-have accompaniments for multi-firework formations (which the pros often refer to as “cakes”).
  • Crosettes. Similar to pearls, crosettes are not the headliner act. They add depth and context for the bigger and showier fireworks. Crosettes look kind of like comets that shoot into the air and then split apart at the apex with a loud BOOM!
  • Comets. After these mainstay fireworks launch, they release a row of bright spheres that are trailed by glittery tails. Each sphere resembling a parachute slowing the descent to earth. A comet firework resembles the pyrotechnics you might see light up the stage of a rock concert. For this reason, they’re often used as the precursor to a larger special effect.
  • Roman Candles. Far less elegant than the aforementioned options, Roman candles are not dainty and sparkly, they’re more an unabashed maximum display of pure explosive firepower. Like candles, they burn upward. Unlike traditional candles, they deliver a loud, bright, steady river of sparks.

Pick Your Package to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Bucks

Now that you know more about some of the most popular types of fireworks (and these represent but a sampling, because there’s a dizzying array from which to choose), you need to know how to shop smart to score the biggest array of firepower.

If you belong to a warehouse store like Sam’s or Costco, you realize it’s almost always cheaper to buy in bulk as opposed to buying single items. The same is true of buying fireworks. The smart way to go is to invest in assortment packages that cost anywhere from $50 upwards of $1,000. Not only do you get a price break, but you get a variety of fireworks the experts have packaged together to create effects and colors that complement each other.

Buying fireworks packages is a low-risk way to go if you’re planning a DIY show. Consider them “parties in a box.” And if you are partnering with neighbors or friends to pool your fireworks bucks, this is a simple way to divvy up the costs and make your money go farther.

Of course, as you become more experienced with fireworks, you will inevitably want to select just the right effects for each show. That’s when you really need to work with a trusted supplier. He or she can help you plan every detail of your show, and make sure that you stay on budget.

Whether you go for a packaged assortment or choose your own effects, the only disappointing aspect of a fireworks show (besides running into a dud) is when the show ends. Pool your money, buy in bulk, and let the show go on and on for your next special event or celebration!

At Dynamite Fireworks, we don’t only sell top-quality, name-brand fireworks. We also provide the information you need to know to use them responsibly, legally, and safely. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at (219) 937-4090. We look forward to becoming your one-stop shop for all your fireworks needs!