At Dynamite Fireworks, we strive to give our customers the best possible experience each and every time. From customer education to top-quality products at rock bottom prices, we work hard to set ourselves apart from our competition. We’re proud to say that our hard work is paying off! From our reviews from real customers on Yelp and Google+, here are 10 reasons our customers say we’re the best fireworks store in Indiana.


1. Low Pricing

Time and time again, our customers comment on how inexpensive our prices are compared to our competitors. Nick D. from Chicago claims, “My box was 3X bigger than all my friends that I met back home even though my budget was half of theirs. The show I got for the money I paid was incredible.” Rene L. from Chicago says, “Plan on coming back for those outstanding deals!” We are proud of our low prices, and we are always willing to help you get the best deal.

2. Fireworks Expertise

At Dynamite Fireworks, we’re not content to just sell you a bunch a stuff. We want you to get the best fireworks at the lowest price for your particular needs. Therefore, we make customer education an important part of our mission. Ela G. from Chicago says, “Chris was the guy who helped us out with our questions- and he explained the difference between all of the fireworks to us. Which is awesome, since fireworks are not my forte.” Jonathan W. from Los Angeles notes, “The guys who work there are very knowledgeable and can help you, especially if you are new to buying fireworks.”

3. Friendly Service

We genuinely enjoy our customers, and we have the easy rapport that comes with a shared interest in fireworks. Dinah T. from Addison, IL, explains, “If you decide to purchase your fireworks here, they do have a friendly staff to help you. They even have a nice gentleman who was willing to carry your purchases to your car, what service.” D.P. from Chicago says, “James helped me out and he was very knowledgeable and polite. It was apparent he enjoyed what he did and this was something I appreciated.”

4. Product Quality

We bring you only the highest quality fireworks, and we refuse to sell junk. Justin M. from Chicago says, “Not only do they carry the best brands, but they have the best quality fireworks bar none. Whether you are a novice or a pyro they have the selection you are looking for.” Bud F. from Chicago states, “There is no other place that competes as far as selection, price, deals and people plus its very close to Chicago. I have not been to another fireworks shop in a number of years…don’t need to. This is the place.”

5. Convenient Location

We’re close to Chicago, and easy to access from I-90. Our customers truly appreciate the convenience! D.P. from Chicago says, “I was traveling on the toll way and searched for local fireworks shops in route to Chicago. This place was extremely easy to find right off I-90.” According to Bud F. from Chicago, “Jumped off I-90 to get gas…and this store was at the bottom of the ramp.” We’re not hard to find, so come visit us today!

6. Video Demos

While some shops carry drawings of what the different fireworks effects will look like, we would rather you see them in action! Mayra U. from San Diego says, “The owner is so friendly and passionate about his inventory! He even played a video to show you what each fire work does!!!” Bud F. from Chicago explains, “They walked me through key recommendations with a cool video demonstration on their DVD player…and they all appeared to be expert pyros when it came to fireworks! Their recommendations were terrific….and the videos did not lie!!!” We want you to be happy with your purchase, and we will do everything we can to teach you what to expect.

7. Store Organization

Our shop is packed with merchandise, but that doesn’t mean it should be hard to find what you want. Cristina H. from Hammond, IN, says, “I’m a neat freak and that’s good because the store is perfectly organized from smaller fireworks to the larger ones.” Dinah T. from Addison, IL, states, “Even though the place was small, they were pretty organized in terms of displaying their fireworks for sale and their prices.”

8. Product Safety

Our customers appreciate our commitment to safety. We sell only top brands that we know and trust. As our owner Kris Zambo pointed out in a recent NWI Times feature, “It’s not good business if people are getting hurt. The suppliers know that and they want to create more safe fireworks. It’s not good business for us to carry un-safe things which is why we focus a lot on the safer stuff.” We want you to have a safe and enjoyable fireworks show!

9. Flexible Hours

We’re open 9 to 9 every day, with extended hours around major holidays. But as our customers note, we are always willing to meet you when needed. Dane C. from Chicago exclaims, “They ended up opening up the shop especially for us, just to sell us some sparklers!” Jessica C. from Elk Grove Village, IL, says, “They were on their way out the door and they actually stayed to service us, where can you get service like that?!?! My guess is NO WHERE!!!” If you need fireworks, give us a call! We’ll do everything we can to meet your needs.

10. No Pressure Sales Experience

We don’t just want to make a buck. We want you to have the best possible experience. Sean S. from McHenry, IL, says, “They didn’t try to upsell me, this is a side job for them they want to help give people an awesome firework show.” Nick D. from Chicago says, “Needless to say, it was a very pleasant and non-pressured experience.”